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January 2019

My 2018 Recap!

My 2018 Recap! 150 150 BradBlanks

A little video recap of all my work in 2018. Looking forward to 2019!

Buster Douglas

Buster Douglas 150 150 BradBlanks

I knew exactly where I was when Buster Douglas defeated Mike Tyson in 1990….. on my BMX outside a fish and chip shop in my hometown. I was flummoxed that Tyson go beat. I catch up with Buster to talk about the documentary on this monumentous sporting moment. Great directing by Ben Houser and #jeremyschaap – catch it on ESPN tonight at 9pm – ESPN Film: 30 for 30 ESPN Film | 30 for 30: 42 to 1 – Full Documentary

John Oliver Storms Comedy Club

John Oliver Storms Comedy Club 150 150 BradBlanks

So I was hanging out at the Bob Saget fundraiser and one of his comedians for the evening was John Oliver. He wasn’t due to arrive for a while so I proceeded to drink beers and wait it out. He eventually turned up and it was great to see my old mate. I had to let him know that the Navy Seal who took down Bin Laden was in the audience this night at Carolines on Broadway. Some strong banter with John Oliver ensues in this vid….